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If you have decided to try Vigrx Plus best way to get it is to buy from the official website. When you order from the official site you can be sure the product is real and safe to use. Products ordered online get the best price and 60 days risk free money back guarantee. Click the picture below to enter the website.

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Vigrx Plus Packages

There is 7 different Vigrx Plus package sizes between 1 month and 12 months. When you have decided to try out Vigrxplus you have to choose which package is right for you. Here you can see each package, what they include and how much each costs. Click the package you want and you will be taken to the official website where you can place your order.

As you can see there is big differences in prices and bonus products. The bigger packages are recommended as they are a lot cheaper and come with free bonus products. We recommend you to order the 12 months package as it gives best value for money.

Just select the package you want and go to the official site where you can place your order. All packages come with money back guarantee, so you can try even the big packages risk free. If you for some reason are not satisfied with the effects you can return the products within 60 days and get your money refunded.

Beware Of Fake Vigrx Plus

Vigrx Plus has been proved in clinical studies to increase sex desire, sexual libido and activity, stamina and overall sex pleasure. It has become one of the best selling male enhancement product on the market and because of that more and more counterfeit products have entered the markets and are selling under VigrxPlus name.

There has been counterfeit products sold on all kind of sites including Amazon and Ebay, you can not be sure the product is the real thing. Fake products are often selling cheaper than on the official website. Those products may contain anything instead of the natural effective ingredients in the real product. Counterfeit products may not work at all and they can be dangerous for your health. Best way to avoid fake products is to always order from the official website.

Starting from 20th of December 2012 all genuine packages include product security code which you can enter on the official website to check the authenticity of your product. With the new product verification system you can feel more safe with your order. Packages sold before 20th of December 2012 do not have the authenticity code. So packages without the code can still be genuine.

On the official website there is box where you can enter the authenticity code shown on the box to verify the product. To be safe with your order always buy from the official website. Use the links on this website to order and learn more about the new verification code.

Customer Videos

Thousands of men all around the world have tried Vig rx plus and got the boost on their sexual life. Almost all customers are happy with the product and order more later when they run out of the product. Here you can see few video interview testimonials from men who have tried it out and have been very happy with the results and product overall. They are so happy that they want to tell their opinion for men who are not sure if they should give it a try. All videos are in English.

These videos are from real customers and as you see they are very happy with their purchase. Order your own package today risk free and start enjoying the amazing boost in your sexual libido.

How It Works

So you may be interested to try out male enhancement product that really works to boost your sexual libido, sexual pleasure and stamina. Vigrx Plus is the top selling product and for reason. However you may be skeptic and wonder how it actually works. I will explain it on this post.

Vigrxplus included 10 effective natural ingredients which are selected in the product because all of them have great effect in increasing your sexual health. The ingredients in the product target nitric oxide levels and help your body to relax the important muscles in your penis. That process increases the blood flow to your penis and makes your erections bigger, thicker and stronger. It also helps you to have erections more often. You are able to satisfy your partner better and get more pleasure yourself. Because of the increased blood flow also your orgasms will be much stronger.

Just two capsules a day can change your sex life completely and effect your whole life as well. The ingredients are all natural and safe to use and the product does not have any side effects. Remember you can try the product risk free as they offer money back guarantee. I am sure you will not be disappointed. If you would like to get more detailed information about the ingredients or how the product works, click the links at the top of this blog and visit the official website.

Real Proof Of Effects

Vigrx has been on the market for years already and have helped thousands of men worldwide to boost their sexual life and health. Customers have noticed the effects but real prove and evidence was missing. The manufacturers decided to hire Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD to run massive clinical trial to get some real evidence of the effects and results. The results of the trial were amazing. Trial showed that Vigrxplus gives great effects compared to placebo in every way. Check out these diagrams which show the results.

As you can see the study showed huge increase in all things related to sexual health. Massive increase in both intercourse satisfaction and sexual desire guarantees your sex life will change completely. Now it is proved that you will want sex more often, last longer, get bigger orgasms and enjoy the sex a lot more.

You can find the  full 56 page report of the clinical study on the official website. As Vigrx has now proved to improve your sexual life, why not try it out yourself? Follow the links at the top of this blog to find out more information about the study and results. Remember you can try it out risk free and they offer 60 days money back guarantee.